Powerline laundry is a leading name brand in industrial laundry equipment. All Powerline equipment is built with one major thing in mind, the customer’s needs. Our equipment is designed to last, be problem free and be easy and efficient to use. Powerline equipment is built to the highest of industry standards. Our machine controls, functions and safety features our all designed around the user needs. Powerline equipment is made with fewer parts and high quality materials. This allows for more up time and greatly reduced maintenance costs. Each machine has easy to use controls and a variety of cost effective features. Safety is a major concern in any industry. Powerline has the users safety in mind by incorporating a variety of warning signals and emergency shut off buttons where they are most needed. Powerline has a large variety of choices in each series type to the handle from small sized loads to extra heavy loads. With Powerline equipment you are sure to find what you need from start to top notch service.

PowerLine Laundry Equipment